How to increase the likelihood of a snag-free wedding day

  1. This is the most important suggestion I can make when it comes to selecting vendors for your wedding. “NO RED FLAGS”. For most of you this wedding planning thing is going to be a once in a life time deal. You’re not expected to be a professional wedding planner and it can very easily get frustrating. The best thing you can do in the planning process is only hire vendors that you feel comfortable with. During the process of interviewing vendors, if any red flags pop up or you are uneasy about something, move on to the next on the list. This is the best insurance you have to making your day exactly like you want it.

  2. Make sure any vendors you hire have a rock solid contract that protects both you and the vendor. If they don’t have a contract they don’t take their business seriously and neither should you.

  3. Keep in mind that the photographer is the one vendor that is with you the entire day. They see, know, and understand every single element of a wedding day. Don’t be afraid to ask them anything, even if it doesn’t pertain to photography. If you need a second (or first) opinion about anything wedding related ask them. Most photographers will give you an honest and unbiased answer and with their experience with every level of the wedding day you can pretty much be sure their answer is going to be spot on.

  4. When you interview florists ask them if it is alright to come there the night before the wedding and see the flower arrangements being made. Flowers seem to be one area that I see a lot of problems and even if you don’t actually go there and see them the night before, at least knowing they would let you, says they care about making sure you are happy.

  5. Make sure all of the guys try on their tuxes at the store. Tuxes seem to be another area that has problems. By trying them on right away they can resolve any size issues sooner rather than too late.

  6. When you have your make up trial done, get a list of the colors and brands used on you. there are 2 reasons for this. One is that the list becomes a back up just in case. The second is so that you can buy some extra make up and have it handy for touch ups. Most makeup artists will give or sell you the extras on the wedding day, but I have seen it where this step has been skipped and you don’t realize you don’t have what you need for touch ups until it is too late.

  7. It is common for wedding day timelines to get thrown out of whack. Most of the time it is because of hair and makeup taking longer than expected, or members of the bridal party running late, etc. Don’t get discouraged by any of that. It is normal and the only one it usually affects is the photographer and they see that stuff all the time. They are most likely able to take up the slack and get things back on track so the rest of the day goes smooth. Remember the vendors you hired are pros. They have seen it all and know how to deal with anything and everything. It is up to them to make sure your day runs smooth and perfect. You just enjoy yourself and let them worry about all the little things.

  8. Before the wedding take a minute and note the hours and locations of the nearest bridal shops to where you will be getting ready. It is rare but on every now and then a zipper breaks or something rips. 9 times out of 10 bridal shops will get you or your bridal party members in instantly, and repair it in minutes. Knowing who to call and when they are open can save precious time. Having a handy kit onsite with needle and thread, safety pins, etc. is always a good idea for minor repairs.

  9. Always have “Hollywood tape” or similar tape on the wedding day. There are 500 different things you can use it for. If you can find it, the tape used for hair-pieces works the best and holds the longest.

  10. When the wedding day arrives, all of your work is done. Relax and enjoy it! It is going to fly by fast so be sure to take a few deep breathes and soak it all in.

  11. Always make sure every one of your vendors has a backup plan for emergencies. At JS Photography,we always have pro photographers available for emergencies every day. They work exclusively for me and shoot the same style I do. It is important that all your vendors have a rock solid back up plan.

  12. Big safety pins!!!! This one is super important! It's really common for your dress to get stepped on while dancing and breaking the bustle. These big safetly pins will let you fix it so that you don't have to spend the whole night holding your train over your arm.

  13. If your dress has the loop over buttons on the back bring a crochet hook tool with you to help get them over the buttons. Also before you leave the wedding at the end of the night have your bride's maids undo all but a few of those loops leaving just enough to keep the dress on. Most guys have a hard time with these do to bigger fingers and i have heard stories where it has taken them almost and hour to undo them all.

  14. After you have your hair done use a wet wash cloth and clean the hairspray off your ears so that they don't shine in the pictures.